Idia Aisien is a Desert Rose Beauty & Sultry Dancer in new birthday photos & videos

Idia Aisien

Idia Aisien is a sultry dancer and oh-so-stunning in her new birthday photos!

The multi-talented actress, luxury lifestyle influencer, and TV Host marks her birthday today, with some creative expressions, depicting her growth and individuality.

Idia Aisien Idia Aisien Idia Aisien Idia Aisien

Never one to stay confined to comfort zones, Idia says:

“I saw a whole dream of myself dancing and woke up laughing (likeee “How Idia?” But I also wanted to try different things this year, have fun and challenge myself!….

On the inspiration behind her birthday photos, Idia Aisien says:

I see myself as a desert rose, embodying strength, resilience, prosperity, and abundance. Even in the harshest conditions, I thrive! And I know many women can relate to this. We take on many roles and still push through no matter what obstacles we face. These photos are a celebration of the strength in femininity. We are soft, yet strong.”

Happy birthday Idia!


Photography: @Felixcrown Styling: @dhouseofvestas Hair: @adefunkeee
Makeup: @chariscolours

Song credit: Beng Beng Beng by @FemiKuti
Choreography: @bunmi_olunloyo Videographer: @kredol_creativeidol Hair: @adefunkeee
Makeup: @chariscolours

Song credit: Tshwala Bam remix by @yuppeyeager @titom and @burnaboygram Choreography: @bunmi_olunloyo Videographer: @kredol_creativeidol
Hair: @adefunkeee
Makeup: @chariscolours