Dresses! These are styles you should own in your 30s


Dresses (in different styles that suit your personality) complete a ladies wardrobe.

Dresses; evening/cocktail ones, flirty ones etc should make up a percentage (no matter how tiny) of your closet by the time you hit 30!

Yes, age is nothing but a number but a 30-year-old lady sure should have her sh*t figured out starting out with those chic staples; dresses!

The dress is an important part of a ‘grown’ lady’s wardrobe because it makes it pretty easy to whip up something stylish when the time comes.

Again we know not everyone loves to be ‘dressy’ the trick is to find what style works for you. You shouldn’t clock your 30s and not have your closet at the very least organized girl!


At this point you should be more in charge of ‘you’, your living, the way you carry yourself, the pieces to splurge on (if you can afford your own classic Chanel or pair of Loubs at this point great, otherwise great too)!

We put together a list of dress styles to have (of course pick those up in ones that fit your personality)

A midi bodycon

 A bodycon is flattering on almost all body types even when you feel it’s not right for you, there are the good old spandex and proper underwear to rock underneath to keep this smooth and ‘bump-free’.

The midi bodycon can be paired with a tailored jacket for a work chic look, dressed down with a kimono or worn alone throwing on a pair of sky towering heels when you’re feeling confident and in charge.

Black dress in a flattering style

Every lady should have that ‘one black dress’-that-works-every time-and-flatters-my-body kind of dress. This dress fits like it was specially crafted for your body. It may not be bodycon but it just feels effortlessly good rocking it.

The go-to look that you are sure will turn heads anytime.

A versatile sleeveless dress

Every lady should have this almost casual but not so casual simple sleeveless body grazing dress. If you don’t want your arms out you can easily throw on a coverup. This can also be switched up to fit any style you are going for.

A statement dress

This type of dress comes with a statement, a unique detail that’s flattering for you. It could be a mono strap, with mermaid hem, a dipped hem or hi-lo detail. It could be in the form of a swing dress, waterfall detailed one, a peplum hem and so on.

A maxi dress

The good old maxi dress is a must-have for days when you feel lazy but want to look like you made an effort. They are worn for casual occasions, to the beach, playdates and so on.


The point is to have staples that work paired with just about anything to form a great look. The next time you’re out to shop, do it projecting, styling it in different ways in mind, that way you even get to save while having a wardrobe filled with functional and versatile items!

What do you say?