Shopping for a Cleanser? You need these tips…

A cleanser
Jonathan Knowles

A cleanser is a must-have beauty product! You should not ever have at least one that works for your skin type.

A cleanser is that product that essentially helps your skin stay squeaky clean and ‘get ready’ to receive other products. You get the best of your skin if it’s thoroughly clean, giving no chance to dirt/grimes/dead skin cells.

All this means is that when your skin is well cleansed, there’s a higher chance of it being soft/supple/clearer/ healthier and so on.
So now that we’ve established why you need a good cleanser, you should know what to look out for when choosing one. 

Shopping for skincare/beauty products should be done paying special attention to the ingredients i.e the chemical components and how they fare on your skin type.

Note though that expensive doesn’t mean good when it comes to cleansers as a lot of drugstore cleansers work just as well as the expensive ones and in some cases even more.
Shopping for a good cleanser only requires being armed with the knowledge of what works best on the skin. Without side effects, making it important to note that a good cleanser would not:

1. Irritate the skin. If this happens, discontinue use immediately as this can end up making the skin worse than it already is.

2. A good cleanser should not excessively dry out the skin even when it’s used on oily skin. It ensures the skin’s PH is balanced.

3. Won’t strip the skin of oil. If it does, it becomes counterproductive, as the skin will try to make up for this by producing even more oil, which is worse.

4. Won’t be harsh. A good cleanser should be gentle enough to be used daily, once a week, and so on, and it won’t have adverse reactions on the skin.

5. It won’t sting unbearably. A good cleanser will not sting so much that it becomes unbearable. Some come with a slight tingle, but that shouldn’t be one that will leave skin red and with serious burns. If this happens, discontinue use immediately and get expert help.

What cleanser do you swear by?