Morning skincare routine? This is all the guide you need!

morning skincare routine

Morning skincare routine? Everyone should have one

Morning skincare routine is essentially your daily (morning) beauty process. It’s important because it preps your skin to receive products to help it through the day.

What’s your morning skincare routine like? If you don’t have one there you might be the one to blame for your blemishes and those laugh lines.

A morning skincare routine is as important as all products you use combined. Having a routine for daytime and nighttime keeps the skin in great shape. The skin gets protected for the day and nourished during the night.

This routine doesn’t have to be super elaborate; there are just a few simple steps you can take in a few minutes, and they go a long way in keeping your skin in top shape.

Here’s how to get your A.M skincare routine started.

Don’t forget to hydrate


Drink water first thing in the morning. If you like, add lemon to help flush toxins and keep skin brighter from the inside out.



Start the day with a clean face. If you have an oily face, start off by removing excess oil (micellar water works) then follow up with a facial wash with warm water finishing off with cold water to close the pores.



If your skin needs daily exfoliation to get rid of dead skin, use daily scrubs that are gentle on the skin otherwise keep exfoliation once a week.



Use a toner. It helps keep the skin’s PH balanced and makes sure it doesn’t overproduce oil that ends up causing blemishes.

Sun protection

By all means, make sure to wear sunscreen. A good thing is that some lotions come with SPF.



Ensure to moisturize the skin to keep moisture locked in. A lot of people with oily skin skip moisturizing! This will only result in your skin getting oilier because it will overproduce oils to compensate for lack of moisture.

Afterwards, prep and prime the skin for makeup, and you’re ready to take on the day with your skin protected.

Do you have an A.M skincare routine? What steps do you include/skip in your morning skincare routine?