D’Ophir SS24 Collection is intricately, delicately beautiful

D'Ophir SS24

D’Ophir SS24 Collection; Life Through Time: A D’Ophir Odyssey is everything stunning and more.

The pieces from the collection will leave you in awe. The detailing, the intentionality behind the seams, the structure, and the delicate yet feminine accent behind each look will tug at your inner fashionista.

The intricate craftsmanship that went into the siren slinky timeless beau that is the Robyn dress; a favourite by far. The allure of the Molten Magma and Lava dresses, the Lunar dress as an ode to timeless ruffling, amongst other gems worth investing in, we have a new favourite brand!

According to the creative directors Tosin & Titilope; “We were inspired by life and the different planes of our human experiences. The moments of joy and sadness, the seasons of love and heartbreaks, the times of loss and grief and the cheerful moments of happiness. A reflection of our shared human experiences where joy and sorrow intertwined like threads in an embroidery, each moment stitched with colours of emotions. This was our canvas – all the bold, big, bright and sometimes sombre emotions that we feel as we journey through life. We wanted to explore this duality and tell a story that feels deeply personal and generally relatable.

D'Ophir SS24

“When you want to tell the tale of life, you tell it through a timeless medium” These words echoed throughout our development phase. Our canvas was about life, time, moments and emotions so it is not surprising that we settled on the 1960 era as our medium, our paint. There was not a time where the world looked brighter and bolder and the young people braver than the 1960s. Our world today seemed to echo the essence of that era- a time characterised by bold defiance, where the young generations dared to dream in colours as vivid as the emerging world of coloured television. Fashion in the 1960s was a symbol of independence for young people, as they gained financial autonomy, forged their own paths, and defined their futures on their terms. This rebellion manifested in their fashion choices, rejecting traditional styles and embracing a new, modern aesthetic. Drawing from this spirit of innovation and rebellion, the SS24 collection was infused with bold, vivid and bright colours
reminiscent of the era.

D'Ophir SS24

But amidst the nostalgia of the olden days, we rediscovered a deeper truth that transcended time and space, The realization that life, with all its complexities, is a delicate balance of light and shadow. Each look in the collection bore witness to this duality of life, from the vibrant bursts of colour to the sombre shades of contemplation. Yet, in the chaos of it all, there was beauty to be found, a quiet strength that whispered of resilience and hope. A reminder to embrace every experience, to relish in moments of joy and to weather the storms of heartbreak with grace. For in the end, it is not the challenges we face or the triumphs we celebrate that define us, but the indelible marks we leave on the hearts of others”.


Photography – @peter_stonee
Models – @_irene_jay @enaesigie
MUA – @makeup_by_jmk_