Party Rocker #2: Ankara mermaid dresses you need in your wardrobe

Ankara dress style

Ankara mermaid dress styles? We’ve got you.

Ankara mermaid dress styles are super versatile, and simple yet make a statement. They are flattering and fabulous, hugging you in the right places and then they dramatically flare out at the knee creating a memorable look so yes they should be a modern wardrobe staple.

The Ankara print is rich and versatile so this style will pop, for your owambe and for every event where you want to turn heads your way without doing too much.

Ankara dress style

There are reasons to love Ankara mermaid dress styles:

Because they are versatile: Whether you’re attending a glamorous wedding, a family party, or a weekend event there’s an Ankara mermaid dress for every occasion. The variety of colours, patterns, and embellishments allows you to find a dress that perfectly reflects your style.

The Flattering Fit: The mermaid silhouette is an eternally flattering style. It accentuates your curves in all the right places, creating a stunning hourglass figure. You almost cannot get it wrong in one.

Ankara dress style Ankara dress style Ankara dress style

Create Your Twist: You can add accents like off-shoulder details opt for the traditional cut or add a bit of embellishment here and there to suit your style and the occasion. Experiment with a mix of fabrics. Just add the perfect detail for you.

This style is a wardrobe must-have for every woman who wants to make a statement. We reckon these ever-versatile prints are not going anywhere soon so why not get with them in show-stopping styles?

Photos: Ofuure