VCP Hotel debuts Beauty and Wellness Spa: Celeb Clinic Spa By VCP

Celeb by VCP

Celeb by VCP, a new initiative by the Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel, on Saturday was unveiled recently and it was a delightful experience to witness this unique venture in Nigeria.

Distinguished guests were invited to enjoy a night of beauty and hospitality during the recent launch at the VCP Hotel in Victoria Island Lagos. Before the main event began, there was a press conference where attendees were provided with firsthand information on everything Celeb by VCP has to offer.

Celeb by VCP Celeb by VCP Celeb by VCP Celeb by VCP Celeb by VCP Celeb by VCP

The spokesperson Mr. Munachi Ogbonna took us through the journey of what birthed the idea, the processes put in place, and the plans for the company. When asked about the thought processes behind combining hospitality and beauty, he told us of the various advantages of this new idea.

For one, Nigerians no longer have to travel out of the country for non-invasive surgeries and it also gives clients the option of having a room to recuperate after surgery rather than having a several bill for accommodation, this solves two problems with one solution.

The manager also gave us a tour of the facility, showcasing the excellent equipment and services provided and assuring us of their readiness to meet a variety of needs. Additionally, we were briefed on their extensive clientele and their commitment to keeping clients’ information confidential.

At the main event, guests enjoyed drinks and finger foods and also participated in a game session where winners had the chance to receive complimentary services such as dental treatments, facials, or discounted IV cocktails (a blend of beneficial vitamins for the body and skin).

As the evening progressed, attendees socialized with beauty experts while savouring drinks and listening to light music.