Elise & Daniel unveil 1st ever interchangeable tote! Its a must-have!

Daniel & Elise Bag

Elise & Daniel have unveiled the first-ever interchangeable tote and it’s a nod to sustainability and creativity.

Daniel & Elise Daniel & Elise Bag

The invention is so exciting and simple! You can easily swap parts and colours by zipping or unzipping! It is really that easy; It has a simple zip and unzip to easily give your bag a new look by interchanging colours and parts of it, allowing you to customise the look of your bag without having to buy multiple bags.

This multi-purpose tote is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. With so many interchangeable pieces, each bag piece is simple to personalise. The tote has a clean, simple design in different colours. Its versatility allows it to complement a broad range of styles you want.

This will reduce waste and promote a more conscious approach to fashion by encouraging reuse and creative styling.

These released only on February 29, 2024, are currently sold out but you can join the waitlist here to build your Elise & Daniel bag! View their entire catalog here.