ACM 23: Deji Ogunnubi Unveils “Sweet Colors of the Earth” Art Exhibition in Lagos

Deji Ogunnubi

Deji Ogunnubi Unveils “Sweet Colors of the Earth” Art Exhibition in Lagos at the Africa Creative Market.

Deji Ogunnubi
Deji Ogunnubi

The YD Company’s highly-anticipated grand unveiling of Deji Ogunnubi’s extraordinary solo art exhibition, titled “Sweet Colors of the Earth,” will be held at the Africa Creative Market 2023. This mesmerizing exhibition is set to be a feast for the eyes, showcasing Africa’s vibrant colours, breathtaking landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

Prepare to be captivated by more than just a visual spectacle at “Sweet Colors of the Earth,” Deji Ogunnubi’s remarkable solo art exhibition. This exhibition goes beyond showcasing aesthetic beauty; it delves into Deji’s personal interpretation of the inherent beauty in God’s creation.

“Sweet Colors of the Earth” takes us on a visual journey through the vibrant colours that permeate our world. From the azure sky above to the elements of nature, such as clouds, birds, stars, the moon, the sun, rainbows, and more, Deji’s artwork encapsulates the richness and diversity of colours found in our natural surroundings. It is a profound exploration of the traditions and cultures that have flourished across Africa for centuries, symbolizing the resilience and creativity of the human spirit.

The exhibition invites visitors to delve into the narratives that give life and meaning to the vivid pigments and patterns that grace the African continent. These sweet African colours resonate with the diversity of its people, languages, and histories, fostering a deeper connection with the stories that have shaped this vibrant land.

Deji Ogunnubi

Deji Ogunnubi’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in his family of artists and enriched by the inspiration he draws from the beauty of life and the works of accomplished artists. His canvases reflect his enduring fascination with the splendour of nature and the wonders of the world.

In a fast-paced world where life often rushes by, “Sweet Colours of the Earth” serves as a reminder to pause and appreciate the profound beauty of Africa. It aims to inspire emotional connections and deepen our appreciation for the vibrant colours that define the continent and its people.

Kindly RSVP by 31st October 2023 to or call Oluchi Nsofor Curator at The YD Company +234 818 838 1280 for details.

About Deji Ogunnubi

Deji Ogunnubi’s art is a reflection of his deep reverence for nature and the wonders created by God. His work draws inspiration from the colourful and diverse beauty of the world, highlighting the marvels of the sky, earth, and its myriad life forms. Deji’s artistic journey began in a family filled with artists, educators, and a nurturing environment.

Employing various artistic techniques, from expressionistic painting to geometric patterns influenced by Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, Deji draws inspiration from the country’s diversity in traditions, culture, elements, animals, and plants.

Through his artwork, Deji seeks to remind us of the beauty of God’s creation, inspiring happiness, joy, self-love, and a deep appreciation for the environment. 

His journey as an artist is deeply rooted in a God-given talent, nurtured by the inspiration and support of his parents – both renowned artists – and an environment rich in artistic expression. Previous exhibitions and events have contributed to his growth as an artist, allowing him to comprehend and respond to diverse perspectives on his work.