Street Fashion From Lagos Fashion Week 2023

The Flower Head

It’s one week after Lagos Fashion week and I am reeling from it all! It’s my first time attending Lagos Fashion Week as a fashion journalist and it was a lot to take in. I got to see amazing designers do their thing and strut their designs, in my delulu state I also wanted to walk the runway.

Now, one of the highlights of Fashion Week for me was definitely the street fashion, I got to see how people made interesting statements with otherwise simple clothing pieces, it was beyond amazing. Some paired the looks making them look really cool.

The ones with the covered face
This look had peoples head turning, you’re wondering ‘who could be behind that flower head?’ And many other thoughts but most especially admiring the feminine yet gentlemanly overall look of this fit. The stone decorated face would remind me of the villain face I grew up seeing on TV meshed with Doja Cat and really it’s awesome!

The Flower Head
Stone Decorated Face


The ones with the Metallic look
Metallic looks seem to be a trend recently so it’s really awesome to spot people rocking it in a fitting and feminine style and these ladies got the job done.


The ones with the Denim look
This gave the real definition of street fashion in the denim on denim jeans! It’s breezy, fashionable and gives the right edge


The ones who played with Suits and Jacket looks
These ones came in with corporate jackets and pants but putting their personal twists to it making it look fun yet fashionable

Jacket with Sheet Pants
Jacket with neck tie
Suit Jacket with cargo shorts

The ones with Multicoloured outfits
Some people also brought different colours to their attire. From the gowns, to the two pieces wears. Keeping it simple yet still in style nonetheless.

Multicoloured flare gown
Matching Twopiece and a Kimono