How to know your foundation game is a 100%


Foundation but make it flawless! is your foundation game strong?

Who doesn’t love a flawless foundation? We know we do! Are you on top of your own application?

Your application rocks when it glides on your skin seamlessly! It should always be prepped and blended so every other makeup product goes on perfectly for picture-perfect skin. Think of the foundation as a canvas that makes painting bump-free.


Using the right shade is the first step toward a flawless shine; make sure the face and neck are the same colour.

To know if your application game is tight, check out these pointers:

Your face and neck area should match

If your neck and face are the same shade where no one can tell whether you’ve applied foundation or not, then that’s 100% so yeah you did that!

Your undertone should be flattering

The foundation undertone should flatter your skin tone. If your finish is super reddish or yellowish then we have an issue. Also, stay away from the whitish finish. The application should be warm and work with your skin colour.



It shouldn’t dry out your skin. It should stay on like second skin (like skin itself actually). If your foundation is hydrating and your skin finish is glowing and healthy, yeah you’re a pro.

Seamless application

You shouldn’t be able to tell where it ‘starts’ or ‘stops’. Coverage should be seamless without harsh lines. It’s best to gently push in/dab foundation into the skin for even coverage.


If you tick all those boxes, then your game is tight. If not, what are you missing? Oh, and if you want to get your skin looking good, check here.