Neutrals are every minimalist’s dream & it’s a trend to rock


Neutrals (and earth tones) are in!

Neutrals include grey, white, and black, sometimes beige and brown. Essentially, those colours you won’t find on a colour wheel chart! Think about the fierce yet minimal looks you can create from those stunning yet understated colours.

The minimalist trend got rave reviews in early 2019, but it seems fashion influencers are bringing it back and strong too. At the top of this list are Alexandriah Sho-Silva, IamDodos (down to her accessories!), Shirley B Eniang, Andrea Iyamah and Ranti Onayemi. The list goes on.

Before now earth tones/ neutral colours were miss-and-blink ones but today they are slowly taking over, not in that overbearing way but in a way only anyone who has a love affair with fashion will understand. They are soft yet strong, chic, clean and a minimalist’s dream.

These influencers are sporting neutrals or earth tones (olive green, champagne, and a lot of muted tones are ones to try as well) in slouchy styles, which are always a hit! Eniang builds a cohesive wardrobe around this trend, and it’s always so pretty to see them lined up, but Sho-Silva and Iamdodos literally breathe minimalism. These two have a love story with earth tones and ever-so chic minimalist looks.

These looks from Alexandriah Sho-Silva do it for us!

The one where she sports white with latex harem pants in nude. The androgynous trend is a vibe
earth tones
The all-black outfit is fire! The flared pants made the look sick, also a vibe
earth tones
All white seems to be her all-time fav and she’s convincing us to try, one look at a time
Monochrome in this case white and black is totally a vibe
We love these ones too from Iamdodos
earth tone
Absolutely in love with this look
And this too

Do you love this trend as much as we do? Tag us in your looks when you sport them!