Panty lines? These 5 tips will help with those unsightly bumps

panty lines

Panty lines visible under outfits can be quite unsightly!

Panty lines, those unappealing ones (all are, tbh), are embarrassing, but we figured out ways for you to avoid them without ditching your favourite underwear. Yay! Have you ever taken so much time to find the perfect outfit and just when you think you’re done, you notice those hideous panty lines?

There is nothing sexy about panty lines, nothing! It’s a fashion disaster that, unfortunately, a lot of us find ourselves in. Sometimes wearing a thong is not an option (for those who find them uncomfortable) and going commando is not something you’re used to. Avoiding panty lines while still wearing your favourite full pants or briefs is an art you have to master, and we are showing you:

Seamless undies!

These are the best creations when it comes to underwear. Seamless panties are what you need in your closet because they have smooth edges that are not noticeable not even under very tight outfits.

Boy shorts

They are cute and sexy. They go under your butt instead of cutting across it leaving you with no lines whatsoever.

Wear thick fabrics

You can opt for thick or textured fabrics for your outfits or wear jeans – if it works for the occasion-  to conceal pant lines without leaving any unsightly bumps.


Outfits with busy prints are also an option. The focus will be on the prints on the outfits and no one will notice your pant lines.


Wearing tights underneath your skirt helps to smoothen any lines left by your pants. Those seamless ones erase lines.

How do you deal with unsightly lines under your outfits? Share with us!