See Nigerian bag brands to invest in this year

Made in Nigeria bags are fast growing to be a thing, pretty, durable leather and all. They are must-haves.

Made in Nigeria bags before now would probably be looked down upon quality-wise. But several years later, brands sourcing for the best of leather aside they are goals! More made in Nigeria goods can compete with a lot of their international counterpart. And with this curated list of made in Nigeria bags, you’re in for a treat.

These ones – not limited to – have timeless designs, made from great quality leather and you won’t really have to break an arm or a leg.


We found this brand on Instagram. They have the prettiest designs. We especially love their collection of oversized bags. They don’t offer anything too trendy just timeless pieces and they are perfect to cop. They have a range of leather goods including shoes, slippers and belts.

Okiki Marinho Handbags

Okiki Marinho handbags are luxe leather. She is daring with her designs too which is pretty interesting. The bags come in one of a kind shapes and sizes, some hand painted and other details to make sure you stand out. Her pieces are a work of art – literally – same goes for other leather goods she make. Not exactly cheap but they are worthy investment.

House of DOT

We love House of DOT over here. DOT bags are infinitely fun, playful, sexy and young. The brand plays with a lot of embellishment and pretty shapes we like! There’s no dull design when it comes to this brand. It’s for the young at heart and definitely one to cop from.


Zashadu has gorgeous luxe leather bags. We especially want those playful mini ones. They are the perfect accessories for dinners and fashion events. It’s also fine if they just sit pretty for now in our closet.*wink. Zashadu purses are made in the finest leather! We have our eye on their wide belt in tan calf skin!
Lisa Folawiyo Embellished Purses

Though LF studios teased with some gorgeous dresses and suits this season, we really love those cute hand-beaded/embellished purses and won’t mind them. They are so pretty, always a conversation starter. Our favourite is the ‘Double Bijoux’ bag.

Banke Kuku

Those cute print velvet purses are just perfect and like us, if you’re looking to splurge on cute bags this season, you have our blessings to cop at least one.


Kisara has the cutest bags. They are unique because they are woven in cane and mixed with leather but ultimately gorgeous. They are available in pretty colours and we can tell you for a fact that they are must-haves.

Winston Luxury Bag

Winston Luxury leather is a subsidiary of one of Nigeria’s oldest and most prestigious Tanneries; God’s Little Tannery. They supply leather to international brands, they also have a production arm of solely premium leather goods including bags, shoes, slippers, belts etc in luxurious leathers/skin like the crocodile, Anaconda, alligator and so on.

Femi Handbags

We love Femi Handbags for her gorgeous use of colours and detailing on her pieces. A Femi Handbag is a conversation started any day.

They are pretty to look at but all so timeless.


Have more favourites? Please add to the list/share let’s check them out.