Why you should try Microblading if you have sparse brows


Microblading is the hottest way to take on sparse brows right now because the end result is mostly bomb.

Microblading is becoming the go-to beauty process for perfect brows all over again. Though it comes with a tendency to be uncomfortable for newbies. – a few people have described the process as’ slightly painful’. The end result after healing completely makes it one to try out if you’ve been thinking of what to do for perfect brows.

Let’s add quickly that you carry out your own research to make sure you get the best person to do it. So whoever you decide to use must be licensed, tested and trusted! This goes without saying.

Microblading is simply implanting pigment under the skin by drawing ‘hairlike’ strokes with a tool. (This MUST be done by a trained beautician.) It lasts for up to about two to three years, depending on how well it’s managed!


Already raved as a natural way to keep brows perfectly tamed without the hassle of getting them done daily, it’s become a hit amongst ladies who don’t want the hassle of perfecting the way their brows look every day.

The process lasts up to two hours with a trained beautician who starts by measuring the eye area; this stage is called pre-draw, to be sure the dimensions come out natural and as close to perfectly framing the face as possible.

Get to know about pre-draw via Allsheneeds here.

(Numbing cream is applied to the area before starting. This is topped up at intervals when working on the brows to reduce any feeling of discomfort when it’s being done).


After the process, touch-ups are to be done every six months. Please check with your beautician on how to keep your brows in great shape.

For being natural-looking, comes with little or no maintenance and also makes going makeup-free without hassle as the brows already frame the face and beautifully so, we recommend!


Ever had microblading done or is this a beauty trend you’ll try out soon?