Fashionistas are obsessed with puffy sleeves and so are we

Puffy sleeves

If you are an avid lover of puffy sleeves, then you’ll love how fashion enthusiasts are creating different versions of the sleeve style.

Puffy sleeves have been around since forever. But like everything else, they are being re-invented with style influencers and fashion brands adding their twists to the classic sleeve option. Currently, these are the kind of puffy sleeve silhouettes making rounds.

Mid-cuff / Full-cuff

Puffy cuff sleeves always turn out chic no matter the length they come in. The only difference is that the mid-cuff sort of gives a more casual vibe than the long option. In fact, the full-length option is the new sleeve detail to make a statement with button-down shirts.

Midi Elastic Hem

This option is popularly called puff puff sleeves. It is the go-to option for mini owambe sleeves that still need to look extra. And it can vary in sizes depending on taste and preferences. It is the most popular sleeves for sundresses and more casual options.

Elastic Cuffs

Apart from gathers, elastic is another way to achieve the puffy effect. However, you can even take it further by inserting elastic throughout the length of the sleeves. It gives an extra effect and it also gives the outfit an even more interesting vibe.

Drawstring Cuffs

For those who like to keep things a little more simple, inserting a rope or a joining around the wrist will add a new twist to your loose sleeves. Also, it will create a pretty bell effect as the rest of the fabric flows down your palms. This option is our personal favourite!

Puffy & Straight Combo

Looking for the best of both worlds, combining puffy sleeves and a straight one will create a whole new option. The tip to making it look nice is to create a moderate puffy sleeve then start the straight one around the shoulder.


Look out for these puffy sleeve styles when next you need to shop for a new dress or a new top and you’ll love how they just exude so much chicness. Pair them with cool accessories and you’ll turn heads when you walk in the room.