Get to know Hertunba


Get to know Hertunba.


Hertunba is refreshing. This emerging sustainable fashion brand out of Lagos Nigeria is doing all that and more!

Hertunba is a sustainable fashion brand delivering classy, ready-to-wear clothes for ambitious women”. This womenswear brand delivers unique pieces with each collection. It is quickly solidifying its place as a sustainable Nigerian fashion brand to always look forward to collection after collection.

Aside from their creative pieces, one of the most exciting aspects of this brand is how inclusive they are. They cater to people of all shapes and sizes. They even accept custom orders to ensure a perfect fit!



Their ‘Dear Eve’ and ‘The Future of Color’ collections stand out with timeless one-of-a-kind pieces.

Away from fashion, according to the brand, “every 10% of all our net profit goes to a project that provides adult education for less privileged Nigerian women. We believe that to protect the girl child, her mother must be empowered with education”.

If you want to support a brand that cares, Hertunba it is! They are definitely worth a look, and their pieces are great conversation starters.

About the founder Florentina Agu

Florentina Agu is a Nigerian, Lagos-based female fashion designer creating clothes from unique fabrics for the ambitious woman. As a child, she always had an eye for designer clothing and by the time she was 13, she had started taking dressmaking classes.

She discovered the stimulating power of wearing the right clothes for the right occasion in her 3rd year of college when she became faculty president. She showed up to all her meetings and congresses in a suit. In those sessions, she started to see how empowered, confident, and assured her outfit made her feel.

She wants women all over the world to feel that confidence every day at work and play. This led to the creation of her women’s wear brand, Hertunba. Every Hertunba outfit is Sophisticated, elegant, and undeniably feminine.

Florentina is a passionate environmentalist, and at the core of Hertunba is a drive to make her designs environmentally friendly, with some of her more popular designs utilising recycling and the use of surplus material.

Check them out here!

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