Amarelis unveils PLAY with Kaylah Oniwo

Amarelis Play Collection

Amarelis unveils PLAY!

The new collection taps media personality and digital influencer Kaylah Oniwo as muse.
An acronym for PEACE, LOVE, AMBITION, YOU! “This collection includes an array of finely textured clothing. It embodies comfort and style. It is a fusion of warm pastel linens, solid browns, and floral silks for the sophisticated woman who romanticizes her life. From two pieces to cargo pants to close-fitting tops and high-slit dresses, all elements are rooted in love and display never ageing quality and style” the brand’s creative director Omolara Cole shares.
Amarelis is a clothing brand and a lifestyle brand.


Photography: @subbyphotography
Videography: @toluimagery
Muse: @kaylahoniwo
Stylist: @eric_ihaza
Makeup: @thebeelkiss
Hair: @hairsentiments