How to cleanse your face if you don’t want acne

Dimma Umeh
(YouTube/Dimma Umeh)

How do you cleanse your face?

The way you cleanse your face goes a long way in determining how healthy it looks and stays.

Your face easily says a lot about your skincare regimen, it gives you away! By now you should know that everyone ought to have a skincare routine that works for them, no matter how basic as long as it involves thoroughly cleansing the face. By thorough we don’t mean harsh chemicals or tugging or pulling at the skin, we mean getting the face VERY clean!

A sure way to keep acne and other blemishes away is to make sure your pores are clean so your first call is to reach for cleansers and toners that work deep into the skin. Washing the face should form a daily routine if you want flawless, smooth and baby-soft skin but there’s a RIGHT way to do it and we’re dishing on those shortly.

cleanse your face

Here you go:

  1. Always start off by removing your makeup before washing your face. Make sure your hands are clean. If you go straight to washing your face without removing makeup products, the (usually water-proof) products may end up blocking your pores.
  2. Next, go for a deep cleanser to get rid of leftover/waterproof products to reach deep into your skin to lift off makeup residue.
  3. Then wash your face with your face wash/soap in gentle circular motions, starting with lukewarm water to open your pores and finally finishing with cold water to close up and tighten your pores.
  4. Gently pat your face dry or air dry. It’s best not to use a towel to wipe the face (it will tug at your delicate facial skin). Then you can continue with the rest of your routine.

What mistakes have you been making cleaning your face? Would you be trying out these steps?