5 simple ways to grow your edges

grow your edges

Looking to grow your edges or keep your front hair healthy?

To grow your edges, you need to pay extra attention to the area starting with how you handle the hair around the area if you braid for instance!

A full head of hair is always beautiful and when edges are full-on fleek that’s just picture perfect. It’s simple, popping edges is usually a sign that the hair is healthy and well-nurtured and who doesn’t like that?


Hair and the edges fall off when they are tugged at which happens when braids and weaves are pulled too tight, too much heat is applied so go easy on flat irons, curlers and thermal combs when using some heavy hair products. It is also important to read the ingredients on your hair products.

To get your edges growing fast, here are seemingly simple things to get started on:
  1. Ditch retouching your edges with every touch-up (retouch) instead do every other touch-up, this helps keep your edges strong.
  2. Go easy on using styling gels on your edges – It’s fine to get edges laid and on fleek but do away with products that harden this delicate area. If you must use styling gel, add a drop of your favourite oil to blend and help stimulate the scalp.
  3. Ditch the hard-bristled brushes and tools for softer ones, the quality of your hairbrush and comb help in keeping hair healthy and strong.
  4. Use oils like Jamaican Black castor oil, peppermint oils to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles to help edges grow.
  5. Massage your scalp for 3 minutes at intervals daily (or any time you’re free) to stimulate blood flow as well as the scalp which helps with growth.