Add a new twist to your slip dresses by pairing them like these

slip dresses

Slip dresses are the go-to sexy piece but did you know they make a good pair with other wardrobe essentials?

Inspired by the comfortable and sexy hint of nightgowns, slip dresses have fast become women’s favourite for effortless style and to feel completely comfortable yet sexy. For that, we can thank the airy sultry silk fabrics that they are made from. But the catch is, they are even more stylish than you think with pairings.

Pair with a blazer

Wearing a blazer on a slip dress and pairing it with strappy heels will make the ultimate brunch outfit. The blazer adds a well put together vibe to it but not enough to take the sultriness away from the piece. This pairing will help make the slip dress a day piece as opposed to the usual nighttime clothing we all know it as.

Pair with a button-down

Styling slip dresses and button down-shirts together is unexpected but it totally works. Contrary to what you might think, the pairing always exudes a jazzed up casual vibe. Pair with sneakers and stack up on the accessories and you’ll be ready to go about your day: cool kid style!

Wear a t-shirt underneath

If the above options seem like too much of a hassle for you then consider the most laid-back option. Wearing a t-shirt under your slip dress is an easy way to create layers that have a cool effect on outfits. This pairing is so versatile and has no to limit to the ways you can wear it.

Add a jacket over

Wearing a structured jacket over a slip dress is a way to make the ultimate elegant statement. Mix textures and colours to add a new twist to your outfit and accessorize accordingly. This pairing option will give you the ultimate rich aunty vibes.

Wear it differently

Take your styling game up a notch by wearing a t-shirt over your slip dress and tie a knot at the waist if you are going for more of a silk skirt vibe. You can also pair it nicely with a pair of pants as it would give the slip dress a new look. Find out how to do that seamlessly here.


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