Pant types to wear under tight dresses

Pant types

Pant types for different occasions? Yes, please

Pant types can make or ruin a whole outfit! Panty lines are unsightly, it’s annoying when you sport your best look only to find out your lines are in the full glare! They become a grand issue again when you have to wear tight dresses. That bodycon won’t look sexy when the lines are obvious.

Panty lines when visible are a turn-off and in this neck of the wood could attract undesired attention, it’s a serious pain a lot of ladies deal with especially when you’d rather rock those tight favourite pieces in your closet. So what to do? Choose the right ones for the occasion!


You’ve probably heard this before if every lingerie style fails a thong is always an option because they don’t have lines that would show so with them it’s pretty seamless the only bit is they can get a tad uncomfortable.
Boy Shorts

If thongs don’t work for you boy shorts are better options. Opt for ones sans trims and seamless edges so they are snug and shape up just perfect.
Seamless Shorts 

These are like briefs but for women. They feature seamless designs and are gentle with a comfortable feel. They have edges so thin they don’t show under the clothes because the material has a smooth comfortable snug. The leg holes are usually low or high rise bikini cuts that are sexy.
Spanx aka shaping pants

Spanx is shapers. They rarely leave a panty line because they are long and go all the way up to the stomach so they help cover muffin tops as well as erase unsightly lines. Choose them in the right size; not to snug and not lose for a seamless fit.
Go Commando

If you dare (and have a great sitting etiquette) by all means ditch the underwear, this means not a chance of lines showing. Best believe it’s a bold and daring way to go. We likey!