Eye Bags? This natural method works extremely quickly

Eye Bags - natural treatment
Eminence Skincare

Eye bags are mild puffiness under the eyes that come with age, as you grow the muscles supporting the eyelids and the tissues around the eyes weaken causing the normal fat that supports the eye to move to the lower eyelids causing the puffiness.

Eye bags make people’s eyes appear tired and aged as if they desperately need to sleep. Though they are not a cause for concern, that slightly vain part of us just wants to get rid of it anyway, or what do you think?


Lifestyle habits including daily stressful living, and inadequate sleep (there’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep) are also causes of droopy eyes.

A lot of over-the-counter creams/skincare products work to get rid of the bags including eye gels, cooling pads and so on and are effective for some people but if you’d rather get immediate results with something you can boast as natural, this quick tip with ice cubes works every time!

  1. Reduce and relieve the swelling under the eyes by lying down first
  2. Place ice cubes over the eyes making sure they and the ice cubes are clean 
  3. Wear a sleeping mask or have a clean piece of clothing to keep the ice cubes in place for a few minutes at a time
  4. Do this for as long as you can bear at a time then continue till you get the desired result
  5. Continue with moisturizer afterwards and then makeup as usual

Will you be trying this simple DIY out? Don’t forget to share the results.