Meet Alexandria Alli of F&W Style handbags; our current obsession

Alexandria Alli - F&W Style
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F&W Style handbags are our current obsession!

F&W Style is a luxury goods brand founded by Alexandria Alli that is currently available in over 40 boutiques across the United States, including select Ritz Carlton Gift Shops.

We discovered this luxe fashion and accessories brand on Instagram and fell in love with their aesthetics and top-notch creations. The brand looks is major fun with their colourful styles and content on Instagram? Love! (You should follow them here).

F&W Style
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Some of the styles from this luxury bag and accessory brand are likely to become collector’s items. If you’re looking for a timeless bag and accessory brand that won’t break the bank, this is the one to cop.

We had a chat with the creative director and designer Alexandria Alli;

F & Co – When was your light bulb moment, to do something in the fashion industry?

A – When I started to become unhappy with my corporate job I looked back to what I have passion for and that was fashion. As I started doing my research in the industry, I realized that not many black-owned brands were household name brands. So, I set out to change that trajectory and F&W Style was born.

F & Co- How and why did you delve into bag making? 

A – My passion for the luxury handbag industry started when I was a model. I loved getting to carry amazing luxury handbags in photoshoots and on the runway. But I soon realized that most women including myself could afford those luxury handbags. So, I created F&W Style a line of luxury leather handbags at an affordable price point.

F&W Style
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F & Co – What inspired your brand name? What does it mean?

A – My husband’s name is Fred and my Nigerian name is Wunmi. When my husband and I were still dating we would go to parties and wear super cool matching looks. Our friends started calling us “F&W Style” every time we would walk into a room. So, when we started our brand that name was a natural fit!

F & Co – What do you think stands F&W style bags apart?

A – I think what makes us unique is our craftsmanship, colour, and design. All of our handbags are designed specifically with our clients in mind, we specialize in colourful bags that will brighten up any look, and each handbag is well crafted with the best luxury leather.

F & Co – What challenges do you face as an entrepreneur?

A – One of my biggest challenges as an entrepreneur is time. Juggling family time and running a business is not easy….but I always try to give myself grace as I do it all.

F & Co – How do you get inspired to create designs (down to all those cute pod bags!)?

A –  I’m inspired a lot by everyday women around me. Women like my mom, sisters, best friends, and our clients we call them F&W Girls. I look at what products I think they will need to elevate and complement their amazing style and I create it.

F&W Style - Alexandria Alli
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F & Co – How do you stay inspired?

A – I think that knowing my purpose keeps me inspired. I know that what I am doing is greater than just designing and selling handbags. I am making a difference in the women’s lives making them feel special, creating a legacy for my family, and also leaving a business blueprint for all the amazing black women designers that come after me.

Shop F&W Style goods via their website.