These are the types of shirts you should be investing in


Let’s talk shirts and how much of a staple they are any day, anytime – even during this pandemic. You already know that your list of wardrobe essentials is incomplete without at least a nice shirt. So check out the different options that you can have major style moments in!

Button-Down Shirt

This is probably the most hard-working piece in any person’s closet in our opinion. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, classic button-down shirts will always come in handy. From transitioning through seasons and rotating between events, you can style this piece in a whole lot of ways. Opt for a white option for that crispy feel.

Shirts: these are the types you should be investing in
Silk Shirt

If never to be caught unfresh was a piece of clothing, it will definitely be a silk shirt. So, if you don’t already own one, let us convince you now. Silk shirt is effortless so whether you are pairing it with jeans for smart casual or wide-leg pants for a grungy look, it will do all the work for you – especially when it is a loose fit.

Shirts: these are the types you should be investing in
Shirt Dress
Shirts: these are the types you should be investing in

We haven’t met a person that doesn’t like a wear and go piece and that’s exactly what a shirt dress is. We love how much of a classic it is and yet how it is always being re-invented. From textured fabrics to print ones and the update with new silhouettes, the shirt dress is a gift that keeps giving. For instance, pair one with heels or flats, and you’ll be good to go.

Maxi shirt dress
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Linen Shirt

Apart from the fact that linen gets wrinkly pretty quickly, we consider shirts made from the fabric heavenly pieces. But if you do not mind, then go out and pick one in a pastel colour. Especially one that comes with a hint of feminine details—frills and all. Hang it in your wardrobe and watch it save the day on one of those clueless days we all have.

Shirts: these are the types you should be investing in
Print Shirt

If you are a sucker for prints then go wild with shirt options in the boldest prints you can find. Let it come in an airy fabric like chiffon or a blend of chiffon and silk and you will be the coolest person in the room. But if you are too scared to go wild, take it simple with ditsy florals and abstract prints – those are cool as well and grab just as much attention.

Print shirt you can invest in

Wondering what your post-COVID wardrobe is going to look like? Click here for a short guide on how to plan it. Meanwhile, stay safe out there lovelies!