5 Chic details to help you make a fashion statement


Chic, clean, crisp styles are so in and to stand out from the crowd, you must look different. Making a fashion statement is not for the faint-hearted so you must be willing to stand apart from the crowd and this requires confidence and being creative.

To stay chic, effortless and make a fashion statement, you need to fire up your look not too trendy but get with the modern times and if you want to get attention thrown your way, you better fall in line with the standout details.


Inject solid colours into your look to make heads turn your way. It’s a season where a lot of greens and pinks are mixed, Pantone, reds etc are making appearances and if you dare go all out in bold colours that suit your skin tone and watch yourself stand out from the crowd.


Layering is definitely a thing! Pairing a soft structured Gozel Green skirt with an ASOS swing dress feels different but chic and modern for instance. So go ahead and layer your dress with that unconventional kimono or pair those tees with a pinafore.

Flattering fit

By all means do flattering looks, doesn’t matter if it’s form-fitting/body grazing, dense fitting, loose etc get with styles that flatter your body and what you’re comfortable in.


Do daring! Go with unpredictable looks. Switch up your style and go with looks you’re not used to being seen in. Switch your dress and heels for a bit of sheer overlay over sneakers. Get exciting!

Deconstructed Shirts

Deconstructed shirts are still popular and will turn heads your way. Make a few pieces your wardrobe essentials.