LBD: 7 timeless styles to have in your wardrobe

black dresses

The Little Black Dress is a must-have. No wardrobe should be is complete without the basic meets glamorous meets over-the-top piece that works for everything but the key is picking out the style that works for you.

The Little Black Dress (LBD) is safe yet functional yet fierce and the list goes on, this style piece comes as an evergreen piece that stays relevant with each season. The trick is to not snag up the overly trendy designs, so don’t go for heavily embellished or over the top accented ones.

It’s that type of dress that ‘saves’ you any day – It is the one so versatile it can be styled to work, parties and formal events, could be dressed up super glam or dressed down. The list goes on with this timeless piece. 

The black dress is a wardrobe staple when scored in high-quality fabric. These days they come in fabulous styles that are totally in sync with 2021 (read way ahead of time!) and if you’re planning to invest in them then you should pick them out in these styles.

The Midi

The black midi dress is always a killer and this is because it’s flattering. It falls well below the knees so it gives a tidy grown-up effect. It works best on ladies with toned midriff (don’t have a toned midriff? do it the Spanx way or get with peplum/any other flattering detail) if it comes in a stretchy fabric/form-fitting style. 

The little black dress
The Mini

The black mini dress is fierce and for the fun-loving ladies. It’s best worn to the clubs, on romantic dates and sometimes super glam events that rock. It is sexy and should be scored in great quality fabrics with little accents, the accessories paired with it will make up for this

The little black dress
The Maxi

The maxi black dress can be for fun or for those super glam looks. They work both ways, either they are playful maxis or ones that can be fired up super glamorous for the red carpet.

The little black dress
The Versatile

The versatile black dress can be in any style, it could come unconventional but one that works with just about anything and for varying events. They should work with little or no accessory and still be fire looks. They can come in any fabric but should be of great quality.
The A-Line

The A-line black dress makes it in because they are functional and can be flattering. They should be chosen in styles that work for one’s personality.

black a-line dress
The Bodycon

The bodycon black dress is always a winner. It should be chosen in great quality stretch fabric that cinches your body perfectly.
The Skater

The skater dress is flirty, playful and functional. Cop one in a flattering cut that won’t go out of season.

black skater dress