This super-easy way to clean your beauty blender is a must try

how to clean a beauty blender

Cleaning a beauty blender without any hassle? Yes, please.

Cleaning a beauty blender can be all shades of messy frustrations but with this tip, we found, not anymore. The best part is it will leave it squeaky clean.

Cleaning a beauty blender is properly the worst chore ever! But to prevent breakouts, blackheads, eczema and other funny reactions it’s a must that it is thoroughly cleaned often. 

With a beauty blender, keeping it clean is as important as the product it’s used to apply, leaving loads of products on it would make it the perfect breeding place for bacteria (think products+sebum+more products going on and on on the face ‘remixed’!)

Simply put, this cute beauty tool gets dirty absorbing a lot of products during makeup application and if left unclean could be the easiest way to infect the skin, cleaning them often and deeply is the only way to get the best out of using them.

If like us, it’s a chore you hate then you are in luck! Dishwashing liquid and olive oil work magic keeping it clean it’s tried, tested and it works!

how to clean beauty blender

Follow these steps

  • Set aside a small amount of dishwashing liquid using a clean bowl
  • Add olive oil (use less than half the amount of dishwashing liquid set aside) and mix 
  • Scoop the mix with your dirty beauty blender and make sure the beauty blender is soaked with the mix
  • Gradually work up a lather by gently rubbing the beauty blender (as you would when washing)
  • Rinse the beauty blender under running water
  • Repeat until the lather and water comes clean
  • Leave it to air dry

Are you going to try out this super-affordable, fast/ easy technique?

How often do you clean your beauty tools and how do you? Share with us!