Nude Lips: How to create the perfect one

nude lips
Xonecole/Justine Skye

Nude lips give off a classy, understated glam to a makeup look. It also works with a lot of looks.

Nude lips say effortless, classy, understated yet glam, and it’s a trend that looks like it has come to stay, but we are not complaining. We love a good trend! 

To get the best one, we’ve curated steps for you to achieve one of your dreams, yep the picture-perfect one.

1. Exfoliate

Start by exfoliating (it’s best rocked on baby soft skin). Nude lips amplify flakes and dry skin so make sure your lips are perfectly smoothened out. Use an old toothbrush or a lip scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin off the lips.

2. Apply concealer/foundation

Prep the lips with a foundation/concealer in your skin tone to create a perfect base for your lipstick to show. Gently dab on the lips making sure to blend all around the corners of the mouth.

3. Line lips

Line and fill in the lips to create an outline using the exact shade of your skin to give the nude illusion. It gives the lipstick an oomph!

4. Lipstick

Apply your desired shade of nude lipstick at this point and blend

5. Gloss (optional)

If you want a creamy finish, then seal the lipstick with a nude gloss but if you love it matte then just dab off the excess and you’re good.