Hey Stranger! Nola Black’s new lookbook is fierceee

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Ever-evolving Nigerian contemporary womenswear brand, Nola Black, has unveiled the lookbook for its latest collection titled “Hey Stranger”!

The riveting compilation is filled with an edgy combination of designs, colourways, fabrication and correspondent visuals.
Building on its tenet of propagating culturally relevant lived experiences, Nola Black’s Hey Stranger is a project-based
on the assemblage of emotions felt on an individual and collective level in the immediate pandemic and post-pandemic

Transcendent of season, pieces in this collection are representative of Nola Black’s path of slow fashion and are in line
with the brand’s culture of designing clothing inspired by relevant and compelling stories from the perspective of the
global African woman. Hey Stranger is a hail to one’s new self, discovered through the process of solitude.

Multiple fabrics in varying iridescent tones and hues dominate this collection to reflect movement and stillness in
thought and form. The use of duotone reflective fabric is to evoke the idea of blurry memories, fleeting thoughts and
raw emotion.

The colour tones move from a dreary earthly tone, which portrays being stuck in a dreamlike state with
fuzzy memories, to bright distinct colours indicating a sudden bloom – a reawakening. Illustrative design details – such as
empty round holes of different sizes in the middle of pieces to spiral-shaped elements, distinct proportions, intricate
sculpting, and sometimes draping, are used to extrapolate silhouettes best suited to the story.

Divided into three phases – disruption, deconstruction and rediscovery – this collection from the ever-evolving brand
invites us to examine the effect of the thunderbolts through yet another edgy, honest and distinctive collection.

The pieces in this lookbook will be available for purchase via the brand’s website www.nolablack.com from the 22nd of June

Photographer: Bolaji Odukoya (@ bolajiodukoya_)

Model(s): Pages Models

Director: Arinola Olowoporoku (@thearinolao)

Producer: Ifedayo Olowoporoku (@ifedayo_)

Location: New Label (@newlabelproduction)

Brand: Nola Black (@nolablackng)

About Nola Black

Established in 2016, Nola Black is a Nigeria-originated, contemporary, slow fashion womenswear brand. The core of
the brand is driven by deliberate expression and story-telling, promoting self-actualization through edgy timeless pieces,
and furthering a creative culture in the fashion of mentally independent and utterly expressive women.

In offering forward fashion, we explore concepts inspired by lived human experiences and juxtapose realities highlighting complex emotions and the ever-evolving global perspective of progressive African women. We achieve a timeless edge through critical design, adding depth and character to clothing by intertwining the reach of matter, mind and material.

We provide multifaceted women with an unorthodox clothing language that affirms a heterogeneous form of self
pronouncement, interprets individuality, mirrors and completes their lifestyle and self-image.