Wannabe Fashionista? Here’s how to build a stylish wardrobe

how to build a stylish wardrobe
Unsplash/piotr szulawski

Wannabe Fashionista? Here’s how to build a stylish wardrobe

Building a stylish wardrobe with wardrobe essentials starts with being cohesive.

Wardrobe Essentials for a fashion-loving person you’d be surprised won’t fill up a huge wardrobe, it will only feature timeless pieces/styles that work paired with different looks aka they shop multipurpose/versatile pieces that are never boring.

So if looking to build a stylish wardrobe, you may need the list below:
how to build a stylish wardrobe
Unsplash/Artem Beliaikin

Versatile pants/skirt (because black pants are basic). 

The rock with best-fitting pants or bottoms. Think fit like a glove, flattering and minimalist but not in any way boring. A true fashionista will not play it safe so it won’t be black (even if it is by any remote chance black, there won’t be anything boring about it)

White shirt

Of course, a white shirt because they are what stylish get-ups are made of and chiefly because they can be styled in so many ways 


Of course, jeans are for the business casual/laid back looks. It’s best to get good quality ones that will last a while so you get good wear out of it

A versatile dress

Of course a timeless dress, this is usually where the ‘LBD’ comes to play. Choose one best suited for your style and personality. 

Wrap dress 

(the one that covers a multitude of ‘sins’). Wrap dresses are fab, especially in silk! And let’s not get started about how they effortlessly cover ‘a lot’. A wrap dress for instance will cover a plethora of things you want under wraps! They are flattering and so versatile when it comes to styling them and you can almost never go wrong wearing them at any length.


A pair of shorts to show off your toned pins and works effortlessly paired with a lot of your favourite tops.


For the confident fashionista who knows comfort can also mean effortless

Block heels

Before now we wouldn’t dare pick blocked heels but in recent times, they have become a go-to. Especially in fierce designs. They also scream confident and bold. And they are super comfy too.