COVID-19: Outfit Ideas if you’re working from home

Working remotely
Tutu Adetunmbi of The Digital Thinker works remotely (Instagram/@tutuadetunmbi)
Let’s talk about fashion in the time of COVID-19? Hell yeah

COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) has practically brought us all to our knees but can we all agree to kick this in the b*tt and fight, first of course by staying at home but while we do, can we do in style? Studies have proven when we are dressed we ‘kill it’, so kill it we shall.

Working remotely
Tutu Adetunmbi of The Digital Thinker works remotely (Instagram/@tutuadetunmbi)

For people who are able to work from home around this time, first, you’re lucky to have that option when many do not. So while you’re lucky to still have your job, and work at it from home, you should take it seriously.

A clear workspace keeps you creative. Photo via
A clear workspace keeps you creative. Photo via

First start your day with your daily meditation, clear your space (make sure you have a work space complete with uncluttered desk and chair to sit up!) and get ready like you would if you were heading out your door – this helps put you in work mode – do everything you would do if you were going to work and work like your boss; yes that one you don’t like is watching!

As far as working remotely is concerned, stay away from working in bed, with your pyjamas on, not taking a break and not defining a work space so you don’t end up unproductive while burning out for nothing.

So back to outfit ideas:

A crisp tee shirt with jeans.

Because casual doesn’t mean sloppy, a nice tee shirt paired with jeans is always a great option. Crisp tee that smells good we assure will get your creative juices flowing.

Tee shirt dress.

A tee shirt dress is comfy enough to work in and stylish enough to make you look effortless.

A nice dress.

A nice fitting dress, not too snug will definitely amp up your mood and get you working. Just picture yourself in your home office as the boss lady that you are and get to work


Co-ords all day everyday for us over here. We love the relaxed fit and yet the not-in-the-least-lazy-or-shabby attitude it puts us in.

Boyfriend shirt paired with pants/shorts.

Of course this is always a winner, be sure to pick crisp white and button up enough just so when you have to jump on that office call you won’t look out of place.

Tank tee and comfy bottoms.

A relaxed tank top paired with your fav skirt/pants will also do the magic just make sure it’s comfy.

There are endless ways to work from home and still look stylish. Don’t forget to be well groomed, eat a balanced diet, count your hours and kick a**.

Don’t forget to wash your hands often, use your sanitizer, stay indoors/practice social distancing and keep hygiene at a 100%.

How are you coping with working remotely with COVID-19? Do share