We found 10 Nigerian fashion brands so you don’t have to! Pt. 1

nigerian fashion brands

Finding Nigerian fashion brands for you is what we do. We love finding gems around us and more importantly, putting money into the pockets of small businesses in particular. That is what we live for.

Nigerian fashion brands have come a long way, from the ones who have been there who have created timeless pieces to be proud of, the fast-rising ones, the emerging ones, the upcoming and so on the list is endless but one thing remains they tug at our little heartstrings especially with their creations.

We are always on the lookout for Nigerian and African brands because we are more conscious than ever of where our clothes are made, and we found these that we think you should get with, especially since payday is just around the corner *wink*.

  1. Ara Lagos (@ara.Lagos_)

fashion brand - Ara Lagos

Ara Lagos wins with their hand-painted/hand-dyed limited edition pieces! We adore what they do with batik and tie-dye. Their designs are very practical, simple, and wardrobe-essentials. They design easy-to-wear pieces that can be quickly transformed into chic statement pieces with the right accessories. Did we mention that their fabrics are always breathable? This brand is a winner in our books!

2. TEMPLA8TE Clothing (@templa8te)

Nigerian fashion brand - templa8te

Templ8te is a rapidly expanding brand known for its understated but extremely flattering designs. This exciting Nigerian brand takes pride in crafting timeless styles from sustainably sourced fabrics, which is a huge win for us. Their Cuturah dress is currently one of their bestsellers, and a quick glance at their website will show you a slew of what you’re missing if you haven’t yet purchased a piece or two from them. This brand’s best pieces to shop include matching (wrap) sets, ruched dresses, print bodycon, and anything with intricate lace!

3. Private Label (@privatelabelng)

Nigerian fashion brand - private label

Private label piqued our interest with their Leading Lady Collection, styled by Tosin Ogundadegbe of The Style Infidel, and they’ve been on our radar ever since! The brand is described as “premium” and a “clothing brand for the timeless and elegant woman.” Their pieces are quite rich and simple yet sophisticated and clean; they create a simple dress that is not ordinary with unique accents that remain tasteful. You’re welcome if you weren’t familiar with this brand before.

4. SCQUEEZE by SheyeOladejo (@scqueeze.rtw)

fashion brand - scqueeze

We’re obsessed with Scqueeze ready-to-playful wear’s chic, colourful pieces that you can wear and re-wear! The brand appears to be fun, and the way the designs are crafted, you’ll get a lot of wear out of them, so why not? Scqueeze is Sheye Oladejo’s ready-to-wear label, and if you know this designer, you should be familiar with this baby brand as well!

5. JewelJemila (@jeweljemila)

Fashion brand - Jewel Jemila

Jewel Jemila is feminine, soft, and timeless! To be honest, you can almost never go wrong with a Jewel Jemila piece. The cuts are always flattering, and the fabrics are always lush. No design will ever be in your face, but it will be flawless. A lot of the brand’s dresses appear to be ones you’ll get a lot of wear out of, so definitely get on it, but don’t just take our word for it. Look them up.

6. Heritage (@heritage_withlove)

Nigerian brand - Heritage

Heritage is a Nigerian boutique lifestyle fashion brand. They are modest and feminine, but their pieces are must-haves. Their hand-dyed maxi dresses and co-ords are exquisite. At the same time, the designs are timeless, playful, fun, mature, and refreshing.

7. Cinnamon Lagos (@cinnamonlagos)

Fashion brand

First and foremost, this brand is ‘happy!’ We love the colours on their locally sourced fabric pieces. They have a variety of easy-to-wear styles that are made sustainably in Nigeria, and that wins in our book.

There’s a lot more where these came from…

Which Nigerian fashion brand does it for you right now? Share with us which new ones you’re checking out right now!