Womenswear brand, PIILLZ N POIZN, presents the BOLD & FEARLESS collection

PIILLZ N POIZN bold-fearless collection

Piilz N Poizn shows off a collection of unconventionally exciting looks in a new “Bold & Fearless” collection.

The Bold and Fearless collection is a capsule collection created from a melange of vibrant colours and rich fabric types. 

The collection goes beyond just clothes as each piece bears bold layers of unapologetic designs yet is soft enough to match the needs of the woman who is not afraid to flaunt her individual style confidently with an updated appeal fashionably. 

The designer in her own perspective maintains the status quo of sustainability by drawing inspiration from the past and mingling it with elements of the present in a bold and fearless statement of timelessness. 

The brand shares via a release.


Ppoizn Atelier specialises in the idea of creating luxury fashion brands where current trends coexist with timelessness.

At Ppoizn,  fashion is a means of self-expression, a way of life, and a reflection of inner beauty.
Over time, Ppoizn Atelier has emerged as a top choice for the modern-day lady who has great expectations of their daily attire and particularly during special occasions.

Since starting out in 2018, they have maintained the preservation of their roots and identity, thereby cultivating the essence that inspires and unites with their clients through the brand’s passion for style and culture.


Makeup: @bibyonce

Photography: @studio-bibyonce

Hair: @hairppiness__

PR: @morsipr