Fia takes on colours for Multi-Woman – The Rebel SS22 Collection


FIA’s SS22 collection Multi-Woman – The Rebel features a clash of colours, chic accents, and modern details.

According to the brand; “We are constantly inspired by the totality of a woman/women. The capabilities and the different layers she entails. This concept reflects her tenacity to becoming HER.

The societal obstacles thrown at her at every stage of life but yet SHE rises. Changing the narrative of what she should be-come and being defined by the myopic views of society.

The urge to cage her into submission through gender discrimination at work, domestication, childbirth, marriage and much more placed on us by societal expectations, especially in Africa.

We are unique in our diversity and should be encouraged as such. Through her own lens, she makes her own choices, charts her own course in love and respect for HERSELF”.