SheisDeluxe’s WoMen SS22 Collection is intricately timeless

SheisDeluxe SS22 WoMen Collection

SheisDeluxe releases SS22 Collection; WoMen.

The womenswear brand shows off intricate pieces in the brilliant collection. Think tapestry, motifs, needlework, and other stunning designs on classic handcrafted pieces for the confident woman!

“Named WoMen, (with the capital letter W&M, our SS22 Collection was created with love for the powerful and authentic woman” the brand notes in a release.

“The WoMen collection was inspired by the intricate tapestry found on men’s clothing and we sought ways to replicate this intricacy excellently on female fits ( most especially our pants).

For our SS22, we worked with beads, flock design, Tinko, needleworks, and other artistic motifs on beautifully tailored fits for the modern woman.

Detailing every piece deliberately to accentuate and complement every curve and contour of the Deluxe Woman.

In true Deluxe nature as the best pant maker in Africa, the Designs in this SS22 are alluring and are also handcrafted to perfection for You to show up in, as your best self”.


Photography: @the.alfe @portrait.lounge

Model: @chika7star

Makeup: @casskoncept1

Creative Direction & Styling: @diinmmaa

Brand: @sheisdeluxe