IDMA-NOF, Adara, Bridget Awosika & others shut down the runway on LFW Day 3

Lagos Fashion Week 2021 kicked off day 3 with IDMA-NOF’s installation titled ‘Happily…ver After‘ at Temple Muse.

The collection’s theme revolves around Nigeria’s journey since independence; the unfulfilled promises made by the heads of states who took over after colonial masters, and how this has resulted in three classes of Nigerians.

IDMA-creative NOF’s director tells her story through a powerful installation of masked mannequins in cool pairings and beadings of Nigerian catchphrases.

We saw damask, velvet, and lace paired in a very modern and cool way. Cowrie shoulders were also featured on the jackets, which is an eye-catching detail. We were blown away by the interpretation.

Over at the fashion week tents at Federal Palace, Niuku opens the show with modest utilitarian chic striped pieces. Solid browns and yellows also made an appearance on the runway complementing the signature frilled pants and dress jackets on display. The overall vibe of the Niuku collection was easygoing and wearable.

Lagos Fashion Week 2021 - Niuku Lagos Fashion Week 2021 - Niuku

Elfereda Dali then followed up with a cool crystal-themed collection that kept us captivated. She nailed it when it came to creating denim with bouncy frills that exuded a cool yet casual vibe while still retaining a hint of fab. Oh, and! The show was brilliant.

Assian was the first designer to use colour in the evening. All colour palettes were used, from bright red monochrome outfits to the striking orange and red contrast, to pastel and a nude balance. At Assian, the double bag trend was also prominent.

Lagos Fashion Week 2021 - Assian Lagos Fashion Week 2021 - Assian

Elie Kuame’s collection included everything from major party pieces to classic bold feminine pieces like the blazer and tulle pairing. The collection’s final piece, a gold double-breasted blazer dress with a gold briefcase, was our favourite. All that was required to complete the look was a print scarf and a pair of sunglasses, and one would look like a true Parisian.

Lagos Fashion Week 2021 - Elie Kuame Lagos Fashion Week 2021 - Elie Kuame

Kiki Romeo’s collection equated to a full day at a resort for us. From sexy beachwear in the softest tribal print to flowy chiffon waist capes and more elevated pieces like jumpsuits and a suit paired with a handkerchief hem top, there’s something for everyone. Essentially, you can wear almost all of the pieces straight off the runway.

Adara collaborated with four different designers to tell the African story while remaining true to each brand’s DNA. Odio Mimonet, Bunmi, Naij Way, and The Ladymaker each told stories that were unique to their brands, making their session fun and diverse.

Lagos Fashion Week 2021 - The Ladymaker Lagos Fashion Week 2021 - The Ladymaker

Gozel Green returned with solid colour timeless pieces and unusual pairings that captivated us from beginning to end. The runway was dominated by geometric cuts, high slit pants, built-in purses on shirts, puffy bags, and crop tops. Would the collection be Gozel Green if it didn’t give the new school energy?

Austrian Lace took the couture route with puffy tulle dresses, a mini bridal gown, and corsets with crisscross detailing, and they didn’t disappoint. They even wore lace and leather and had the runway oozing a ‘queen mother’ vibe the entire time.

Eki Silk has created yet another breezy collection that every woman in Lagos will love and appreciate. We saw relaxed pants, shift dresses, mini kaftans, and cool back cutouts all made from the same fabric. I can’t think of anything not to like.

Lagos Fashion Week 2021 - Eki Silk Eki Silk LFW 2021

Bridget Awosika stayed true to her minimalist aesthetic with simple silk pieces in pastel and bold colours. We have a few favourites, such as the bright crop jacket and pants, but we couldn’t take our eyes off the all-black ensemble. Bridget added intricate black sequins to the hems of the black pieces, and that was enough to bring the show to a close.

Bridget Awosika Bridget Awosika

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