Style411 TV: Rhoda Ebun features plus-size model Monalisa Stephen & designer MaBello

Style 411's Rhoda Ebun

Style 411 TV’s Rhoda Ebun features plus-size model Monalisa Stephen & Plus size designer Ma Bello in this new episode!

Rhoda Ebun of Style411 TV is back and this new episode is a conversation that needs to be had over and over! The fashion stylist sits down with plus-size model Monalisa Stephen and plus-size designer MaBello. They talk about plus size fashion and body positivity and we are all here for the discussion.

Style 411's Rhoda Ebun

Rhoda Ebun founded Style411 TV to talk about fashion, the industry, styling tips and everything in between.

This episode is special and valid with the conversations, you definitely should watch.

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