Get to know Seep ‘N’ Save – This Lagos-based eco-friendly brand is on to something!

Seep n save

Seep ‘N’ Save is helping people in becoming more environmentally conscious one straw at a time.

Seep ‘N’ Save is an environmentally conscious brand that is primarily concerned with environmental sustainability, particularly as it relates to plastic pollution. Oluwaseun Damilola Sanwoolu, a final year student at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Ibadan, founded this Lagos-based brand as a result of her interest in reducing plastic pollution.

Seep n save

According to Tatiana Lujan of environmental law charity ClientEarth, “straws, stirrers, and cotton buds are some of the most pointless plastics out there,” among other single-use plastic conversations that have occurred/are occurring around the world!

Sanwoolu was piqued when she saw the “statistics of Nigeria’s contribution to the global issue of plastic pollution. “This prompted her to begin blogging, and it was through blogging that the idea for Seep ‘n’ Save was born,” she explains.

Oluwaseun Damilola Sanwoolu,
Founder Seep ‘N’ Save

The intentionality and functionality of their products are what stand out about this brand. Their straws, the first product in their line, are available in a variety of styles for a variety of applications. They are designed to be accessories that you would want to carry with you everywhere; some might even call them conversation starters!

Their straw collection includes the telescopic ones, which are extendable/compressible with sections that slide inside one another and come with a fastener that can double as a key holder, the borosilicate glass ones, which look fancy but are also very functional, the stainless steel ones, and the bamboo ones.

Seep n save straws

They all come in fancy colours like rose gold, black, rainbow, pink, grey, lake green, and so on, so you can pick colours to match your outfit, for example (if that’s your sort of thing, it is totally ours!). 

These straws are available in triple and duo sets. They come with silicone covers and a cleaning brush because hygiene is important, as well as pouches to carry them in and keep them tidy. The straws can literally be carried around as cute accessories! And they are, and the best part is that you are also helping to reduce plastic pollution.

Seep n save

The brand has only recently launched a line of cotton mesh bags to replace nylon bags! This mesh bag collection is available in a variety of colours and is ideal for shopping and even as a carry-on!

Sanwoolu, who says that more products will be released this month, reveals that her main motivation is her “interest in Environmental sustainability, particularly as it relates to the reduction of plastic pollution.” She revealed that blogging inspired her to launch the brand.

Seep n save mesh bags

I was educating people on how to make environmentally-friendly changes, and they were eager to learn more, but the options were limited. That is how I came up with the idea of making my own straws, and now the brand has grown and expanded into other Eco-Friendly products. We recently launched our cotton mesh bags, and more products will be available later this month.”

By following @seepNsave on Instagram or visiting their website, you can begin your sustainability journey by reducing plastic waste and as simple as swapping out single-use straws for more environmentally friendly ones.

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