Sheet masks: We think you should totally use them!

sheet masks

Sheet masks are so satisfying… they also give an i-pamper-myself-because-i-can vibe we totally love.

Do you use sheet masks? If you don’t you’ve been missing out on pampering your skin especially the delicate undereye area.

These face sheet masks are the business. If you want your eyes to come alive now is the time to start. Wearing masks regularly nourishes the eye area and keep your face alive. There are loads to choose from; hydrating, intensely nourishing, you name it. They target areas on the face with specially formulated ingredients restoring and locking in moisture in the area.

face sheet mask

These masks can be gotten off the counter and the best part is they are available in whatever range you decide to save or splurge on. There are some made for laugh lines and wrinkles around the eye area and some come cooling and soothing infusing the specially created formula directly into the area with some producing instant results.

Experts say these masks lock in treatment/ingredient and gets penetration from 10 to 100. See a list of what these masks can do below:
  • They reduce puffiness and undereye circles
  • Treats fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce tired eyes and brightens almost immediately
  • Boost skin anti-oxidants
  • Ensure facial skin stays hydrated
  • Revives skin

We especially love the Korean sheet ones! They are super affordable too.

We think masks should be must-haves (even though some skincare experts may see them as unnecessary), they should form a part of your at-home skincare pampering. The trick is to find what brand works best for your skin. 

Do you use facial masks? Share your experience and your go-to ones below.