You’re totally going to ♥ VWH Apparel’s ‘The Backless Series’

VWH Apparel

VWH Apparel releasees a collection of pretty pieces tagged ‘The Backless Series’!

VWH Apparel is a Nigerian owned and based womenswear brand creating pretty styles in Adire/tie & dye. Their pieces are pretty and easy to wear.

The collection features backless strappy backless dresses, jumpsuits, sets, maxis and more comfy options. The styles are young, colourful and pretty. They are done mostly in colourful Adire prints.

At VWH, we take pride in creating versatile pieces that are made locally with love and handled with care. For the backless series, we have luxury Adire chiffon pieces curated specially for the VWH woman” the brand says.

We’re definitely snagging one of those backless dresses up!