Looking to tie the perfect Gele yourself? Misykona breaks it down in easy steps


Gele tying by yourself in easy steps? We are in! The countdown for the weekend has begun and you know that means it’s socially distant and responsible owambe time! 

Gele is a common feature on Saturdays in this neck of the wood. For wedding parties, housewarming parties and more and with Asoebi comes gele in tow but not to worry we’ve got you covered if you want to save some extra cash and time going to get one tied.

To get that full traditional look glam this weekend, if you have found it hard to tie your gele yourself you’re in luck because pro makeup and gele artist Yemisi Seriki of N’Sure Beauty hooked us up in simple steps:

She breaks the steps down for us:
  • Step 1. Fold the Gele into 2 equal half (she’s using half Gele)
  • Step 2. Wrap around your head
  • Step 3.Overlap the Gele at the back of your neck
  • Step 4. Bring the ‘hand’ forward and pause at ‘the middle of your forehead’
  • Step 5. Make a few pleats
  • Step 6. Take the pleat to the back
  • Step 7 Change hands to help create wings
  • Step 8. Fold to the middle of the neck where the other hand is
  • Step 9 Make sure you have a firm neat grip
  • Step 10. Make sure both edges are gripped firmly
  • Step 11 Then tie tight (twice if necessary)
  • Step 12  Make more pleats to the front of your Gele and close up at the pleats

Would you try to tie your gele yourself this weekend? Don’t forget to share your results with us!