Contouring! How to achieve it in super easy steps like a pro

YouTube/Jackie Aina

Contouring is an artsy makeup trick to cast a shadow on areas of the face giving off a chiselled effect that gets the face looking instantly slimmer.

Contouring also sharpens facial features, it’s one makeup look to be perfected if you want to give your face a defined shape. To balance this is highlighting where that area of the face gives off a glow when light bounces on it!

YouTube/Jackie Aina

Highlighting and contouring can be done super glamorous for a glam look or neutral for everyday wear depending on the occasion. There’s a chic take away though when done perfectly, your face is instantly transformed stunning.

It should be done to emphasise your facial features-not to make you look clownish so blending perfectly into the rest of the foundation base is a must, by no means no harsh lines.

See the breakdown in super easy steps
  • Map your face

Trace your temples with a darker shade of the foundation or concealer you want to use and apply

  • Blend

Using a damp beauty blender, gently tap over the areas you’ve contour coloured (your temples). Make sure to blend the contour to merge seamlessly into your base foundation.

  • Bake or set (optional)

If you want you can set your contour using your preferred setting powder otherwise is fine

  • Dust
  • Dust off excess product and voila!

This tuts; a blast from the past by Jackie Aina shares six (6) dope ways to contour for slimmer faces and we think it sums the trick up just perfect.

Would you be trying out these contour tricks?