Younass Collection unveils lookbook tagged; Pullo

Younass Collection

Younass Collection has just launched a whole new collection tagged Pullo.

Younass Collection is an Abuja based fashion brand. Pullo which means a Fulani person is an ode to peace and unity. The lookbook was shot in Adamawa, the model is also a native of Adamawa while the crew members are also Adamawa indigenes!

Younass Collection

Soraya Adji; the designer and CEO of Younass Collection shares about the collection;

“Just because I am proud to be a “Fulani “woman

Just because I believe in justice and peace

Just because I don’t want a whole tribe to be judge by the foolishness of some.

Just because I don’t like tribalism and racism

Just because I believe all man are born equal

Just because I believe God loves all his creatures and creation

Just because I m proud to be a design so that I can express myself through my clothes

Just because I believe in love

Just be because I believe everyone is unique and special in their own way no matter where they come from. Just because I am a proud nomad

Just because I’m a proud African! So stay safe and be Younique! Be Younass”!

Younass Collection

She notes; “This t-shirt means a lot to me cause 10% of the benefits it is going through a charity trying to educate and open a training centre for woman and young girls in the Northeast region where I come from. They say it takes a whole village to raise kids”.

Younass Collection

“I am saying it takes the unshakable will to change. Let’s start today” the designer Soraya Adji urged everyone.