Did you know what the ‘Tiny Pocket’ on jeans is for?


Tiny pocket on jeans is almost one of the most constant thing you’ll see on a piece of clothing.

Tiny pocket on jeans, yes that one you’ve always wondered what it’s for? Do you own a pair of jeans? If you do then we assume you know what we are referring to!

if you didn’t know before now (almost everyone we know didn’t) then you’re in luck.

tiny pocket on jeans

Most jeans have this pocket nested (usually) above a bigger one. It is so small it mostly can only fit a finger or two just a little half-way, looking pretty useless. (lol)

The truth is, it actually can’t function as a real pocket because it’s unusually tiny, lodged in a ‘real pocket’. It feels like such a bother because you can’t work your head around placing or even hiding something in there but we’ve got you.

So here goes, this confusing ‘pocket’ is actually a pocket designed way back for cowboys to keep their watches (remember jeans were designed initially for cowboys? yep) safe as far back as the 1800s!


Even top denim brand; Levi Strauss seeing a lot of confusion going on about this ‘tiny pocket’ decided to share via their website; the tiny pocket is “Originally included as protection for pocket watches, thus the name, this extra pouch has served many functions, evident in its many titles: frontier pocket, condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket, and ticket pocket, to name a few.”

There you have it guys, so what would you be doing with your own ‘tiny pocket’? Pray tell!