Your Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping ready (finally?) Yes, us too!

Christmas shopping though fun when we get around to doing it can also be quite stressful because let’s be honest we don’t want to leave anyone off the list, not forgetting thinking endlessly about gifts that won’t end up in the trash. It’s time we love to give great gifts (read emotional).

It didn’t help that 2020 has been a year indeed! This year gifts should definitely be more thoughtful just because… but then, do you.

The best part? You can have these things delivered to your doorstep, remember Covid-19 is still out there.


It’s a few weeks to Christmas and if you’re late shoppers like us then let’s gather around to get this over and done with 

Candles & Diffusers

This is top on our list because of serenity. Scents have become a great part of this year for us. You can literally transform your space into a haven with the types of scents you put in them via your candles and reed/electronic diffusers. If you have a friend or loved ones who love this, indulge them this season.
Gift boxes (premium)

Spoil your best ones with boxes of edibles. Throw in all the yummy things you know they’ll love to make a whole and send their way.

Gift Vouchers (Spa, facials, mani/Pedi etc)

Like we mentioned, this season be a lot thoughtful and vouchers say that. A lot of beauty stores/salon have vouchers of different values. Allsheneedsbeauty is currently offering a list of services for N30,000 and its a steal!

Pandora bracelets

Because there’s something soft and timeless about these bracelets especially when the charms too are well curated.


We can’t stress how important food can be and especially this period. Food will come in handy for your friends/loved ones who love to eat but can’t be bothered to do it – which is totally fine. Some times you just want to fine dine. Order trays of their best meals, well-curated and packed and delivered to them with love (We especially love Spoon Catering, Ego’s kitchen and Asabe

Private viewing

For your movie lover friends, book a premium viewing at your best cinema and have a pyjama themed movie night. It’s perfect because it’s in a controlled environment (not to forget social distancing) with few people.


An iPhone won’t be a bad idea at all (just because we love iPhones, any phone the ‘giftee’ loves is fine) especially if they’ve been looking to get another. It’s thoughtful too.


Have you started shopping yet? What’s the most thoughtful one(s) you’ve received till date? Pray tell