Idma-Nof releases new collection; The Rhythm Of Our Drums

Idma-Nof releases a collection chronicling the creative director’s nostalgic feeling at a time during her childhood.

Idma-Nof came back with bold colours, playful prints and more accents on this self-styled, directed and photographed collection. It’s different, the good kind!

The rustic matted backdrop, the famous blue lantern prop and the ‘manmade greenery’ gave each look pop while taking absolutely nothing away from it.

The brand’s creative director Mfon Ogbonna artistically directed, was her own makeup artist, did the hair, styled; even “tied the gele myself” (which she called “no small feat“, and photographed the entire collection “thanks to the lockdowns but I don’t regret it at all” she says.

Idma-Nof The rhythm of our drums

“As a child, one of my fondest memories is sitting on my papa’s lap and listening to Nigerian folktales”, she shares about the collection; “he would fill my imagination with stories in which animals lived peacefully with humans and could think, talk and act like men.

During the Christmas holidays, there were elaborate displays of colourful masquerades and as children, this was quite exciting.

This collection attempts to capture the nostalgia of that period in time; the playful imagination, the drama, the music and the celebration of culture.  It draws inspiration from Phillis Galembo’s photographs of Nigerian masquerades, capturing the energy, movement and elaborate detailing of the costumes”.


Photography & Artistic Direction – Mfon Ogbonna

Model – @yomaemore

Idma-Nof is available at:

Temple Muse – 2 Musa Yar’Adua Street Victoria Island, Lagos

Elle Lokko – F604/1 Lokko Road Osu-Accra Ghana