LLF Digital: Shekudo, Apàárt Africa, more to showcase

Lagos Leather Fair; LLF Digital
LLF Digital kicks off today 19th-22nd November 2020. The 4-day event is a first; a virtual exhibition, masterclasses and a lot more.

For this edition, there will be twenty-four (24) leading West African leather designers exhibiting, each one specially handpicked for their creativity, authenticity and innovation.

Each designer has their own unique identity – through the use of fine leathers, traditional hand-woven fabrics and carefully selected hardware and accessories – all beautifully combined to create a vibrant array of products. Keep reading to find out more.

Acclaimed for the unique silhouettes of their stitch-less bags, AABOUX statement leather accessories embody elegance and timeless chic. A perfect blend of beauty, style and functionality created from various combinations of special leathers and exotic skins.

Shoes, bags and accessories created with an infusion of locally-sourced leather and traditional aso-oke and akwete cloth, with the incorporation of wood, brass, and silver. SHEKUDO pieces are all mindfully-crafted to promote a sense of empowerment and celebration of women across the globe. 

On a mission to change the fashion business narrative in Nigeria, APÀÁRT AFRICA culls and infuses the glamour of the Afro-centric West African culture into snake and crocodile skin leather masterpieces. 

FEMIHANDBAGS aims to capture a spirit of individuality which does not adhere to seasonal trends and are made from the finest leathers. Inspired by simple, classic, yet vintage-styled silhouettes, artisanal, handcrafted touches such as whip-stitched sides, hand-stitched, rolled handles, and hand sewn straps have become synonymous with the FemiHandbags aesthetic. 

SOLE INSPIRATION is a Ghanaian leather brand’s that uses the traditional skills of hand cutting, stitching, dyeing, and finishing in the production of many their accessories. Each piece is incorporated with an endless and extravagant selection of recycled glass beads, horn and bamboo beads, or antique fittings to create unusual and exciting collections. 

Footwear design that strikes a balance between opposing themes – eccentric and familiar, feminine and masculine, perfection and distortion, vintage and modern. Each of KKERELE’s limited-edition piece is created with a sustainability ethos, centered around longevity and mindful production. 

Lagos Leather Fair; LLF Digital

K.ASPEN is a reflection of Pan-African vibrancy, inspired by various colour palettes, bold textures along with earthy and vivid tones; all of which are incorporated into products designed as inspirational heritage pieces to reflect a dignified and contemporary Africa.

The virtual exhibition will go live on the website on Thursday 19th November at 10 am and will be on through to Sunday, 22nd November 2020.

See the entire lineup of designers showcase here. Register here.