Transparency Accountability & Sustainability (TAS) officially launches in Nigeria

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The transparency accountability and sustainability (TAS) officially launches in Nigeria.

Transparency Accountability & Sustainability (TAS) is a digital tool designed to eliminate corruption, improve efficiency, create employment pervasively and eventually treble the size of the Nigerian economy. 

A brainchild of Dr Felix Obada who is the Executive Vice Chairman, National eGovernment Strategies Limited and eGovernment TAS this digital tool was introduced to curb corruption in Nigeria.

The Guardian of September 30, 2020 quoted President Muhammadu Buhari to have said that Nigeria is struggling with illicit financial flows (IFF), making successive budget implementation a near impossibility over the past 15 years. 

With the current exchange rate of N381 to the dollar, the country’s cumulative budget from 2004 to 2017 stood at approximately N60 trillion, while about N103 trillion was stolen in illicit transfers. Reversing this trend must therefore become topmost priority for every Nigerian hence the need for a digital tool like TAS.

TAS - Dr Felix Obada
Dr Felix Obada; Executive Vice Chairman, National eGovernment Strategies Limited

National eGovernment Strategies Limited (NeGSt) is a wholly private sector-driven outfit mandated to implement electronic governance in Nigeria. 

The promoters of NeGSt pioneered the entrance of Nigeria into the Space Science and Technology arena with the successful development and launch of the NigeriaSat-1 Low Earth Orbit Satellite, in September 2003. 

Subsequent development in the arena also paved the way for the launch of the Nigeria’s telecommunications satellites both of which have combined to give Nigeria an “eye” and an “ear” in the orbit, an epoch-making achievement which helped ensure the movement of Nigeria from analogue to digital technology. 

The same team are now poised to give Nigeria a ‘’voice’’ in the orbit, with a view to completing the third leg of the tripod having achieved great success with the pilot project.

NeGSt is set to boldly fulfil her mandate and help Nigeria address her issues of endemic corruption and inefficiency in the delivery of government services with the launch of TAS. 

Transparency Accountability & Sustainability (TAS)

Working with the present generation of young, energetic and talented Nigerians, NeGSt is ready to replicate the template of the highly successful pilot project and help government and the people of Nigeria to do away with corruption and inefficiency in government businesses across the board. 

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and has one of the largest population of young people in the world. The country presently ranks among the 7th most populous country globally and is projected to be the world’s third with an estimated population of 402 million people by 2050 (U.S. Census Bureau). 

This makes Nigeria well positioned to develop a formidable digital economy estimated to yield approximately $1.0 trillion. Corruption has however remained an albatross on the neck of Nigeria. 

The TAS team therefore call for calm and solicit the co-operation of all and sundry to work with in an orderly manner to change Nigeria’s sordid narratives permanently for the profit of all. 

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