Made in Nigeria – Rhoda Ebun is chronicling emerging brands for 30 days!

made in Nigeria

Made in Nigeria for 30 days? Absolutely! 

Rhoda Ebun is currently exploring a Made in Nigeria campaign for 30 days on Instagram (@rhodaebun) and it’s as much a delight as it’s time to wake up!

Rhoda Ebun is one of the fashion stylists I have worked with on a lot of things (campaigns, fashion discussions, brainstorming sessions in the car after church on a Sunday and the list goes on) but there’s no taking away her genuine love to see Nigerian brands (especially made in Nigeria) grow.

made in Nigeria

She’s worked on a lot of fascinating projects, with top brands, celebrities and has come into her own and this she’s taking on by herself – with the little or no support she’s getting, sometimes even none at all – she’s taking it one emerging Nigerian fashion brand at a time.

She kicked off a ‘30 DAYS OF MADE IN NIGERIA’ shoot on September 30th 2020 and it’s been such an eye-opening (all over again) moment. She shares that this soft campaign is “born out of the need to showcase emerging fashion brands but to also show that it is possible to wear only ‘Made in Nigeria’ for at most 30 days straight” and it’s the absolute truth!

We caught up with her recently too. Excerpts;

F&Co – What makes up ‘great styling’ for you?

Rhoda – Great styling is a combination of the right outfit for the right body in the right colours to suit the right skin tone for the right occasion. Everything literally has be on point.

F&Co – Have you always wanted to be a fashion stylist? How did you start?

Rhoda – Growing up, I knew I liked fashion and wanted to be involved in fashion and style. But I didn’t immediately know that I was going to be a stylist or even know that there was such a career path. But things started taking shape once I knew that I could make a career out of being in fashion. I went to fashion school, interned with mentors and the rest they say is history.

F&Co – You’re obviously in love with Nigerian brands…

Rhoda – I believe as a Nigerian, I need to and should support Nigerian fashion brands because who else would I support? Nigerian fashion is doing well, we could do better and there are many setbacks, but a major part of Africa looks up to us. Nigerians are hugely talented and that needs to be acknowledged. I can’t remember wearing an outfit that’s not made in Nigeria by a Nigerian; and that’s amazing.

F&Co – What’s your take on the current situation of this loved industry?

Rhoda – Unfortunately, the industry is in it’s infant stage compared to the fashion industry in developed countries and there are so many things that could be way better than it is; then add the politics amongst major key players in the industry. But then, you’ll see politics even in established fashion industries as well so…we move!

F&Co – What do you think the industry is lacking/ missing?

Rhoda – Clearly, the industry is lacking structure and there’s too much O.Y.O in many sectors of the industry. There’s no communalism rather every one is looking out for their own best interest. It doesn’t quite help us in the long run.

F&Co – Best moments on your job?

Rhoda – Best moments on the job would be when I and whichever client I get to work with are in sync, the vibe is right and everyone meets the brief.

F&Co – What keeps you going despite the ‘Nigerian factor’?

Rhoda – Passion and desire to be the best version of what I can be are what keeps me going. I believe I can add my own value and just wish that they inspire or impact someone enough to be the best versions of themselves.

F&Co – Who are your fav brands to style clients in?

Rhoda – Moofa, LDA, Weizdhurm Franklyn and many more.

F&Co – Who is your dream client?

Rhoda – Lupita maybe, it could

F&Co – Your forever top fashion tip?

Rhoda  – Dress for the body you have is my top fashion tip!

Follow her on Instagram @rhodaebun to see all the looks for 30 days!